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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Learn all you can and more about garage doors by checking out our colorful infographic page

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door that functions for many years is subject to catastrophic failure due to the accumulation of wear and tear. Let us prevent this with our targeted garage door maintenance services.  

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Electric Garage Door

Electric Garage Door

Perfect technicians for garage door replacement

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Are you wondering about ways to repair garage doors and have questions about new systems and materials? Let us answer your questions! Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here, and come back for more in the future. We try to help people the best way we know how.

The best services for overhead garage door repair

The best venue for all garage door repair issues. Makes the art of garage door maintenance so easy to grasp.

When do springs break?

Garage door springs are very strong but also sensitive. Imagine that they carry the heavy weight of the garage door but they are able to do that thanks to their flexibility, energy and twisted shape. They must remain flexible and strong with regular lubrication maintenance and repair. They may also snap due to their old age or if you install a heavier door. Hence, garage door spring replacement must take place on the right time.

Why do glass doors cost more?

The truth is that glass garage door prices are much higher because the concept is new and the material needs more processing. Though, the specialists of Garage Door Repair Saginaw insist that the money you will spend on glass garage doors is worth every penny. Glass doors allow the sunshine in and, therefore, you will be spending less on electricity; plus, the value of the property will go up, if you want to sell.

Why are small components considered equally important?

People have the tendency to focus on the needs of the biggest garage door parts and forget that smaller ones are equally vital for the safe and efficient operation of the door. Don't forget that without the presence of nuts, screws, brackets or bolts the other so-called big component parts will be loose and not perfectly secured. The Saginaw experts of our company insist that all small parts must be inspected and maintained regularly.

How do I troubleshoot a frozen garage door?

You should stop the opener first and preferably disconnect it from the power source. Our experts recommend that you use a heat gun or a hair dryer for melting the ice. You should point the device towards the bottom of the door and wait for the ice to melt completely. You must not try to break the ice.

What do I do when the door keeps reversing?

The overhead door might need adjustment but it could also be something wrong with the sensors. It's best to call our experts for repair. In the meantime, press the wall button steadily. This will override the reverse mechanism and close the door.

Why do we install two extension springs?

There is need to have two garage door extension springs since these types of springs are installed in each side of the door and counterbalance it. They actually split their force and in accordance with the overhead door's weight in order to balance and move the door. For the same reasons, they must also be replaced together even if just one of them is ruined.

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